Allergen Botox 100IU

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This brand name product contains botulinum toxin, which belongs to the assortment of muscle relaxants with a peripheral action mechanism. It has the force to block the release of acetylcholine in peripheral presynaptic cholinergic nerve endings because it can cleave SNAP-25. After the injection in the dermal tissue, the toxin rapidly absorbed through the cell surface receptors. Then the toxin transmits further through the membrane plasma due to receptors. After that, the toxin released into the cytosol, and in the process, the release of acetylcholine gradually slowed down. The clinical effect of Botox appears on the second or third day. The best effect can be reached after five to six weeks after the treatment session. The recovery process after the injection takes up to 13 weeks since the nerve endings grow and restore communication with the final plate. The visible effect after the injection (50 units —Allergan) in the armpits can last 8-12 months or more (in 30% of patients).


9 reviews for Allergen Botox 100IU

  1. Mary Johnson

    great experience.
    very nice support and fast delivery

  2. Melvina Register

    Your website is definitely my no. 1 place to buy botulinum toxin products! Love your assortment, support, and prices. And thanks for the fast delivery!

  3. Bessie Sutton

    Awesome and amazing customer service. Better prices than I get through my hospital and delivery was earlier than expected. Definitely a legitimate and good company!

  4. Kristal Fujimoto

    High quality, anticipated good results and injuries, positive customer feedback, reasonable price made it the leader among products and procedures in my clinic.

  5. Sharon Johnson

    The authentic product that provided great results for my clients. My only complaint is that there’s no overnight shipping, please add it.

  6. Miki Moreau

    Long-lasting and natural-looking, that’s all my patients need! Can’t recommend it enough.

  7. Gale McLeroy

    Botox product with the widest field of use. I’am a neurologist and I use the product for more than 4 years and he always justifies his result.

  8. Rebecca Harvey

    very good service. There were some delays but the company decided them and made a nice bonus

  9. Virginia Jackson

    I have been using Buy Botox Online for 3 years. They are always eager to assist with my orders and deliver within the time frame given.

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